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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

West of Bathurst 261

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008
Panel 1: Marie and Casey walk through a formless void that seems to be the Davies College quadrangle. Marie is wearing a coat, toque, and scarf.

Marie: No Buffy.

Casey: It's only one hundred and forty-four hours.

Marie: No Buffy.

Casey: But you do like vampires, right?

Panel 2: They face each other. Casey is smirking.

Marie: No Buffy.

Casey: Clever writing...supernatural elements...

Marie: No Buffy!

Casey: Pop-culture references you can use online...

Panel 3:

Extremely Loud Voice From Off Panel: SHUT UP!

Panel 4: Marie and Casey peek out from behind a brick wall.

Marie: I forgot to mention: we have a new porter.

Casey: I think I should mention: I need new pants.

Alt-Text: They will be green pants. This I guarantee.

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