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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

West of Bathurst 271

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Note for non-Masseyites: those doors 1) really exist, 2) actually do swing both ways, and 3) are truly easy to have accidents with because the bit on which you have to push to open one of them is made of solid wood. Anyone about to push the door open in one direction is entirely hidden from anyone about to push the door open in the other direction. The great big windows are pretty, but they don't help much. [Further note from 2019 Kari: the doors now swing only one way.]

Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Panel 1: Marie and Rahim are in the Davies College quadrangle.

Rahim: How many people are left alive?

Marie: Four...and it's getting interesting because Frankie's after Baldwin.

Panel 2: They move towards the big heavy wooden double doors that lead into the foyer. It's worth noting that these doors swing both ways. Marie begins to push one of the doors open.

Marie: People are really into the Murder Game this year, but at least nothing serious has gone wrong--do you hear something?

Someone inside the College is screaming and, apparently, getting rapidly closer.

Voice: AaaaaaaaaAAAA--

Panel 3: There is an enormous "WHAM" as Baldwin shoots through the doors, slamming one of them right into Marie's face.

Panel 4: Marie, knocked out, slumps in Rahim's arms. Baldwin bends over in pain, clutching his forearm. Frankie approaches him from behind and touches him on the head.

Rahim: Something serious has gone wrong.

Frankie [to Baldwin]: You're dead.

Alt-Text: Ironically, the first thing anyone who has a mishap with those horrible doors probably sees afterwards is the sign on the side of the bell tower. It reads: "Remember Ron Thom, Architect."

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