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Monday, March 10, 2008

West of Bathurst 295

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Annual Note Regarding My Election Plotlines:

West of Bathurst is a work of fiction. It may sometimes resemble reality creepily closely, but ultimately, the characters in the comic are figments of my imagination. As a friend of mine recently observed, they may borrow bits and pieces of personality and/or appearance from my acquaintances, but they rarely correspond exactly to these acquaintances. I feel I need to emphasise this fact because I am once again embarking on the slightly sensitive issue of the Davies/Massey spring elections, wherein the Don of Hall, the DEF/LMF co-chairs, and a number of other people are elected to public office. I would like to stress the fact that I have had my particular three Davies Don candidates in mind for much of this term and had absolutely no idea that the Massey candidates were going to be a female law student, a man with poofy hair and a beard, and a fun-loving optimist. Let me repeat: I had absolutely no idea. I am not psychic. I do not set things on fire with my mind.

At any rate, the events and results of the Davies race are not in any way related to the events and results of the Massey race, whatever the latter may be. Despite the fact that the winning Davies candidate last year was a rather cynical outgoing DEF co-chair...and the further fact that the winning Massey candidate last year was a rather cynical former LMF co-chair...I would truly have to have special powers in order to be commenting specifically on the Massey race. I wish all three of the candidates well (rather paradoxically).

Oh...and I must also assure you all that the accident that saw this year's winner of the Massey Murder Game falling down the stairs and breaking her ankle a few days after the game had ended was not caused by bad mojo emanating from my comics about Baldwin and Marie's bone-cracking Murder Game crash. I am not psychic. I am not psychic. I do not set things on fire with my mind.

Monday, March 10, 2008
Panel 1: In the Davies College common room, the candidates for Don of Hall stand, one by one, at a podium in front of the fireplace. Frankie is first up.

Frankie: As Don, I'll work to emphasise the diversity and inclusivity of the college and make the previously marginalised feel accepted.

Panel 2: Wolfgang is next.

Wolfgang: We need more discipline in our approach to this institution. I shall purge it of the organisational chaos that is holding it back.

Panel 3: Baldwin speaks last.

Baldwin: I won't get a budget, but if I did, I would spend it mostly on alcohol, plus a giant hot tub for the quad.

Panel 4: Casey, Marie, and Rahim are sitting in a row in the audience.

Marie: At least we have a clear choice.

Rahim: Just not, you know, a good one.

Alt-Text: A year or so before I arrived at Massey, the LMF really did order a hot tub for the quad. Apparently, only cool people were allowed to enter it. Yes, Massey sometimes really is just like high school.

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