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Friday, March 21, 2008

West of Bathurst 301

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This comic is dedicated to Noam Miller, Massey's outgoing Don of Hall, and is a bit of a tribute to his reputation as a trickster-Don. During this year's Don elections, two of the three candidates, in reponse to a question about how they would do things differently from the old Don, explained that they would not be practical jokers. Noam later professed himself baffled by their words. Those of us witnessing this bafflement promptly mentioned the time he added umlauts to most of the vowels in the quotation that ringed the Massey dining hall...just before the king and queen of Sweden dropped by for dinner.

Noam, you were a great Don; we'll miss you and your musical versions of Massey's Latin grace.

Saturday, March 22, 2008
Panel 1: In the first panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, Marie pokes her head suspiciously into the panel. Nearby, on a brick wall, someone has taped posters reading "WEST," "OF," "BATHURST," and "by Kari Maaren," all of them upside down. Off to the right, Baldwin is talking on his cell phone. Beside him is a young man with curly black hair and a black beard whom we will shortly learn is named Noam. Noam is scribbling busily on a piece of paper.

Baldwin [into phone]: It's all right...Noam says he can get rappelling gear!

Panel 2: In the Davies College kitchen, Marie pours hot water from a kettle into a pink mug. She gasps as the water goes straight through onto the counter, as the mug has no bottom. Looking very studious, Noam and Baldwin observe.

Panel 3: Marie encounters a large fake spider hanging from the ceiling in the Davies basement. Behind her, Noam and Baldwin communicate via hand gestures.

Panel 4: In the Lower Library, Marie jumps as several books leap out of a bookcase and fall on her. Nearby, Noam is pushing a button on a remote control, while Baldwin ponders, his hand on his chin.

Panel 5: Baldwin pulls a string, dumping water on Marie's head. Noam gives him a thumbs-up gesture.

Panel 6: Marie, dripping, turns and glares at Noam and Baldwin.

Panel 7:

Marie: April Fools' Day is a week and a half away!

Baldwin [begins to walk away with Noam]: I know; we're already behind on our preliminary testing.

Alt-Text: I know people who will spend MONTHS preparing for April 1. Well, maybe not months. Maybe just five or six weeks.

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