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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

West of Bathurst 369

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Plug of the Week: on Thursday, August 7 (i.e., tomorrow), I'll be doing a guest article on graphic novels for Vulpes Libris, aliterary blog whose contributors review books, interview authors, and write small essays on literature-related themes. It is entirely possible that you will recognise the style of the illustration that accompanies my piece. I'm just sayin'.

Update: The article is up now. Due to space issues, the accompanying cartoon came out tiny and hard to I've posted a bigger version here.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Panel 1: In the Davies College basement, Weird Beard is talking to Casey and Marie.

Weird Beard: Well, it was nice meeting you all, but I'm afraid that now I must be off.

Casey: That's too bad. Where to?

Panel 2:

Weird Beard: Who knows? I go where the wind takes me. Someday, somehow, I shall settle down...

Panel 3: He presses a hand to his heart.

Weird Beard: ...But not yet. Not yet.

Panel 4: Weird Beard walks away, grinning.

Weird Beard: I think the wind will take me back here next year, though.

Marie [muffled by Casey, who puts his hand over her mouth]: Nooommph.

Alt-Text: Sometimes, you react so violently to someone (whom others may find completely inoffensive) that you are prone to embarrassingly loud public outbursts in his or her presence. In such a situation, it's nice to have a friend who will shut you the hell up.

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