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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

West of Bathurst 383

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008
Panel 1: Somewhere in Davies College, Marie, Steve, and another new Junior Fellow--a large woman with curly black hair--approach Baldwin.

Marie: Guys, this is the Don of Hall. Baldwin, this is Stella, and this is Steve. They--

Baldwin: Steve!

Panel 2: Baldwin shoves Marie and Stella aside so he can put an arm around Steve.

Baldwin: You're Frankie's ex! She hates you!

Steve: You must be her current. Just you wait.

Panel 3: Baldwin pulls Steve away from the others.

Baldwin: Ooh. Tell me stories. Make them terrifying.

Steve: Let me buy you alcohol, you poor little man.

Panel 4: Marie and Stella are left standing together.

Stella: It's nice to meet you too, and I'm not invisible at all.

Marie: Cause gossip; he'll be all over you then.

Alt-Text: I would say Baldwin means well, but I'm actually not sure he (ever) does.

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