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Saturday, September 6, 2008

West of Bathurst 385

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Saturday, September 6, 2008
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, Stella gazes in bafflement at a huge sheet of paper filled with rows of capital letters that appear to be in no particular order. Someone has circled certain letters in red. When read in sequence, they spell out "WEST OF BATHURST BY KARI MAAREN." Marie, smirking a little, stands watching Stella.

Panel 2: In the Davies College foyer, Stella passes two Junior Fellows, a young white man with brown hair and a young white woman with blonde hair and glasses.

Man: Yo...where's the DEF meeting?

Woman: In the PCR.

Panel 3: Still in the foyer, next to the bulletin board, Stella watches as Wendy buzzes past. Reg is standing near Stella.

Wendy: Baldwin stole the Elvis!

Reg: The Don can't steal the Elvis!

Panel 4: Barbara approaches Stella, drawing her attention to an old man with a cane, who is walking up the stairs towards the dining hall.

Barbara: Froofy at three o'clock...heading upstairs for Limping Susan. Make no move until he's gone.

Panel 5: Now Fred is standing next to Stella. Wendy buzzes past again.

Wendy [delirious with joy]: Baldwin broke the batcouch!

Fred [rolles his eyes]: That guy's a walking black hole.

Panel 6: Stella stares incredulously at Darren and Tom. Tom is clearly sick and is clutching a tissue.

Darren: Dude...your cold better be gone before the Gaudy with the Hepatitis Cup.

Panel 7: Stella approaches Marie, Rahim, and Casey, who are sitting on the couch in Marie's favourite basement nook. Rahim is reading a book.

Stella: I need a translator.

Rahim: And probably therapy.

Alt-Text: All the code words in this strip except for "DEF" are real, and "DEF" is a stand-in for "LMF."

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