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Saturday, October 4, 2008

West of Bathurst 399

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Saturday, October 4, 2008
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, Marie stands against a black background, staring at the words "West of Bathurst by Kari Maaren." Barbara comes up behind Marie.

Panel 2: In Marie's favourite basement nook, Marie sits on the floor, reading a book. Barbara is on the couch, leaning over to look down at Marie.

Barbara: Let's go find chocolate.

Marie: No, thanks.

Panel 3: Barbara bounces up onto her knees and grabs Marie by the hair.


Marie: Aaugh.

Panel 4: Barbara takes Marie's arm and yanks her to her feet

Barbara: No more moping.

Marie: I'm not moping.

Barbara: Up! Up! Seize the thingy!

Panel: Life is like a bowl of petunias! Every cow has a silver wardrobe! Anti-foobery! Panty-waistery! I'm always here if you need someone to talk to!

Panel 5: Marie flings herself at Barbara, sobbing.

Panel 6:

Marie: ...Let's go find chocolate.

Barbara [a hand on Marie's shoulder]: That would be wise.

Alt-Text: This message was brought to you by the number 42 and a newly created sperm whale.

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