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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

West of Bathurst 401

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My Batman article is now up on Vulpes Libris. Also be sure to check out last week's article on the Joker (by a regular on the site).

Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Panel 1: In a Davies College hallway, Frankie talks to Rahim.

Frankie: I want to have a belated birthday drinks thing...but should I ask both Casey and Marie?

Rahim: I guess you'd better.

Panel 2: Marie has come up behind them. Rahim notices; Frankie doesn't.

Frankie: It's so awkward...and we don't even know why. Were they secretly together? Did he dump her? What?

Rahim: I'll...see you later.

Panel 3: Rahim goes to Marie and puts a hand on her shoulder.

Rahim: Try not to worry about it. You know this place is gossip central.

Marie: Yes...

Panel 4:

Marie: ...and sometimes I wish I could move to gossip Siberia.

Rahim: I hear the food's not good.

Alt-Text: And it's cold all the time, and the Internet keeps not working, and there are no Nanaimo bars.

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