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Monday, October 13, 2008

West of Bathurst 403

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Monday, October 13, 2008
Panel 1: In Frankie's apartment, Frankie sits on her couch, her eyes wide. Casey, looking angry, is on her right; Marie is turned away from Frankie and Casey on Frankie's left.

Frankie: It's really nice to see you guys outside the college. How've you been?

Panel 2: Smiling artificially, Frankie turns to Casey.

Frankie: How do you like the newbies? Don't they seem young? There are some nice ones, though, don't you think?

Panel 3: Frankie tries Marie next.

Frankie: Isn't it hilarious how no one ever takes you seriously when you say the party starts at eight?

Panel 4: Frankie gives up.

Frankie: hate each other, then.

Casey: Yep.

Marie: Pretty much.

Alt-Text: When you are so HUGELY mad at someone that you don't even care how miserable you are making life for everyone around you, it's time to pause, take a deep breath, and start a cathartic fistfight in a public forum.

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