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Saturday, January 24, 2009

West of Bathurst 455

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Saturday, January 24, 2009
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, Baldwin grins and points at a scrreen while Steve stands nearby, smirking. On the screen are the words "West of Bathurst / dir. Kari Maaren."

Panel 2: In the Davies College basement, Baldwin approaches Frankie, Marie, and Rahim. Rahim is still on crutches.

Baldwin: Come on,'s time for the movie night.

Frankie: I'm not going.

Panel 3:

Baldwin: What? Why?

Frankie: Can you ask?

Panel 4:

Frankie: You've somehow become best friends with my ex-boyfriend. The two of you always sit there giggling and discussing breasts. It makes me uncomfortable.

Panel 5:

Baldwin: Seriously? I would totally enjoy that.

Frankie: You have the emotional depth of a boiled turnip.

Panel 6: Baldwin smacks himself on the forehead as he walks away, smiling.

Baldwin: Oh, that's right...I forgot!

Panel 7:

Rahim: Do you promise never to breed with him?

Frankie [glowers]: It may just be my duty to the species.

Alt-Text:  You've got to wonder just how much fun Baldwin has while holding these sorts of conversations with Frankie.

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