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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

West of Bathurst 460

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If I manage to overcome my throbbing headache soon, I'll have another article up over at Vulpes Libris today, this one on Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. I'm also doing an article on Alan Moore's Watchmen on March 4 (two days before the movie comes out).

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Panel 1: At the Davies College Winter Ball, Marie and Rahim are sitting together at a table.

Marie: Where's Barbara got to?

Rahim: I haven't seen her in a while.

Panel 2:

Marie: I thought she had some mysterious plan to prevent the apocalypse tonight.

Rahim: Hmm...

Panel 3:

Rahim: I expect she'll pop up in an hour or so and claim to have been involved in a perilous battle with Satan himself.

Panel 4: Under the table, Barbara is hugging Casey and patting him on the back.

Barbara: There, there.

Casey: ...Do you have a tissue?

Alt-Text:  There's more than one way to become involved in a perilous battle with Satan...

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