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Saturday, March 7, 2009

West of Bathurst 476

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Sorry for the lateness, folks. I do so hate my life right now.

Saturday, March 7, 2009
Panel 1: In this gigantic one-panel Sunday-style colour comic, Steve, Barbara, Rahim, Frankie, Marie, and Baldwin are lined up to see the Watchmen movie. There are way too many things you need to notice about the visuals, so here's a list before I get to the dialogue:

1. On the marquee, we see the following:

Watchmen 4:30 8:00 12:00
Old Ghosts 6:00 9:45 11:30
King of Kings 7:40 9:20
West of Bathurst 8:10
By Kari Maaren 5:00 9:00

2. The theatre is called the Utopia.

3. The ticket taker, a young white woman with brown hair, is staring, wide-eyed, at Steve. On the side of the ticket booth are posters advertising the film
The Day the Earth Stood Still and the bands Pale Horse and Krystalnacht. Inside the booth is a clock whose hands stand at five to twelve.

4. Steve is dressed as Rorschach from

5. Barbara, Rahim, Frankie, and Marie are in their street clothes. Rahim is still on crutches.

6. Frankie has a happy-face button pinned to her jacket. On the ground at her feet is an advertisement for "The Veidt Method."

7. Marie is staring at Baldwin. She is the only person who has noticed he is there. She is wearing a T-shirt that reads "Fearful Symmetry." She has just dropped a torn purple photograph.

8. Baldwin is taking off his coat. Beneath it, he is very blue and very naked.

9. On the wall behind them, barely visible, are the words "Who watches the watchmen?"

10: The whole image is more or less symmetrical.

And now the dialogue:

Barbara: Are we sure that's Steve?

Rahim: Pretty sure, yes.

Frankie: Just once. Just once...I would like to go out in public without experiencing excruciating embarrassment. Just once.

Baldwin: Guys...check out my costume!

Alt-Text: This is absolutely the geekiest thing I have ever created. Hurrah.

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