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Monday, March 9, 2009

West of Bathurst 477

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The Massey elections happened so much earlier than usual this year that I was caught off guard by them and therefore won't be able to do my usual psychic thing (wherein I accidentally predict the results). I suppose I could have if I'd managed to condense the entire election into today's comic (the results of the election will be announced tonight at dinner),

Monday, March 9, 2009
Panel 1: Rahim and Marie are sitting on the couch in Marie's favourite basement nook. Marie is holding a piece of paper.

Rahim: What's that?

Marie: Nothing.

Panel 2: Rahim takes the paper from Marie.

Rahim: No, it's not. It...what the--

Marie: Uh--

Panel 3: Rahim violently shakes Marie by the shoulders.

Rahim: You're running for DEF co-chair? What is wrong with you? Did you learn nothing from the festering hell I endured in that position?

Panel 4: Rahim puts his head in his hands as Marie pats him on the back.

Marie: Maybe you should take a moment.

Rahim: I still have nightmares about the Jell-o shots at Hallowe'en...

Alt-Text: This was basically how I used to react when people came bouncing up to me and explained that they wanted to be LMF co-chairs.

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