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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

West of Bathurst 478

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Panel 1: Somewhere in Davies College, Marie and Rahim walk along together.

Marie: Stella, Paul, and I figure we'll make an okay DEF. It won't be like you and Wendy.

Rahim: You hardly ever talk to Paul.

Panel 2: They approach Wendy, who is sitting at a little table. Marie hands Wendy her DEF nomination form.

Marie: Yeah, but I know he's reliable and keeps his head in a crisis

Wendy: Ooh...a second DEF slate! Fun!

Panel 3:

Marie: Who's running against us?

Wendy: Steve, Reg, and Casey.

Panel 4:

Marie [screams very loudly into Wendy's face]: WHAT?

Rahim [walks away]: I'll go get Paul, shall I?

Alt-Text: I don't believe Massey has had an actual LMF contest since I and my co-chair were elected nine years ago. Now, Masseyites seem more willing to form absolutely ginormous LMF committees consisting of something like five co-chairs and an equally large number of committee members. Eh...times change.

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