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Saturday, March 21, 2009

West of Bathurst 483

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Any Students of Mine Who Stumble Upon This Comic: Never fear. I haven't started marking your essays yet, and I trust that none of them are this bad. I have, however, encountered similar essays in the past. I've even seen students cut and paste from Wikipedia in different-sized font and forget to take out the links.

Saturday, March 21, 2009
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, Barbara stares wearily at the title page of an essay, which reads simply, "Essay (LOL)." The words "West of Bathurst" (beside at arrow pointing at the title) and "By Kari Maaren" (beside an asterisk) have been written on the title page in red pen.

Panel 2: Barbara is sitting at a table, reading an essay.

Essay: Since the begining of humans poets have, been writting poetry. About the ladies they love.

Panel 3:

Essay: William Shakespeare wrote many poems that he called sonets about ladies (and may be a man too). He used language, imagery, and rhymes.

Panel 4: Marie comes up behind Barbara.

Essay: The poems form is always the same they are in ambic pentameter, it is possible for you to count the metre which we did to make sure the poem are still sonnet's.

Panel 5: Marie sits down beside Barbara, who shows her the essay.

Essay: We can say the sonets the best poems in English because they [at this point, the font size abruptly changes] utilize conventions inherited from Petrarch ["Petrarch" is a hyperlink] and yet manage to make them uniquely [the font changes back] Shakesperian.

Panel 6: Barbara and Marie exchange cynical glances.

Essay: In this essay I, will discuss the use of language imagery and, rhymes in sonnet 87. "Upstart crow." Siad another writter. But he wasnt really.

Panel 7: Barbara stands up and walks away as Marie continues to stare at the essay.

Barbara: If you want me, I'll be drowning myself in a vat of chocolate ice cream.

Marie: I can't say I'm hugely surprised.

Alt-Text: Imagine what happens to your brain when you read THREE SUCH ESSAYS IN A ROW.

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