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Monday , March 30, 2009

West of Bathurst 487

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I just won the 2009 Massey T-shirt contest, so I've posted the image with which I won here. It's actually the second image on the page you want; the first one is another Ron Thom comic I drew several years ago. I felt all the Ron Thom mockery should be together on one page.

Monday, March 30, 2009
Panel 1: In the Davies College common room, the two prospective DEF committees are giving their speeches. Casey, Reg, and Steve stand in a little bunch, smiling.

Steve: Vote for our DEF; we'll make next year a lot of fun!

Panel 2: Marie, Stella, and Paul also stand in a little bunch. Marie is grinning desperately, while Paul hides behind Stella.

Stella: Vote for our DEF; we'll make next year a lot of fun!

Panel 3: In the audience, Darren puts his hand up.

Darren: I have a question: which DEF candidates are going to make next year more fun?

Panel 4: Rahim and Barbara are standing over by a pillar, watching all this unfold.

Someone in Casey's Group [off panel]: We are; those people are all neurotic.

Someone in Marie's Group [off panel]: We are; they've got Satan on their team.

Rahim: The fun begins already, it seems.

Alt-Text: Just wait until they start insulting each other's mothers. Now, THAT'S going to be fun.

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