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Monday , May 25, 2009

West of Bathurst 515

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As I discuss in more depth here, I apparently signed up for Twitter eight months ago without realising that I had. I do not think I like Twitter, but since I appear to belong to it now, for some reason, I may as well mention my WoB updates there until I get disgusted with myself and delete my account. If you are on Twitter and would like to take part in the insanity, my handle there seems to be "angrykem." I am entirely confused about the fact that I have a Twitter account. Ah well.

Oh...and happy Towel Day, you hoopy froods.

Monday, May 25, 2009
Panel 1: Marie and Barbara sit on a couch in the Davies College common room, with Rahim beside them in a chair. Barbara's giant thesis is open between her and Marie.

Marie: Your thesis is huge.

Barbara: More importantly, my thesis is finished.

Panel 2:

Barbara: All I need is my supervisor's approval; then I can submit it.

Marie: That's great!

Panel 3:

Barbara: My supervisor is currently living on a small island in Georgia Strait. He does not have an Internet connection, and he didn't leave me a phone number.

Panel 4:

Marie: That's less great.

Barbara: Albeit very much as per usual.

Alt-Text: West of Bathurst is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people or situations is completely in your head. You may even be going mad. I'm just saying.

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