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Saturday , May 30, 2009

West of Bathurst 518

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Yes, I am a terrible person, but I had to run an unexpected errand today, and then there was a birthday party for six of my friends, and there were freaking bricks everywhere, and I got the comic up eventually, didn't I? Didn't I?

Saturday, May 30, 2009
Panel 1: The title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic looks like an old-fashioned Blue Screen of Death, complete with the following text in Courier font on a deep blue background:

A fatal exception OE has occurred WEST OF BATHURST.
The current comic strip will be terminated.
  • Press any key to terminate the current comic strip.
  • Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart your perusal of the archives. You will lose any unsaved information by Kari Maaren.
Press any key to continue _

Panel 2: In the Davies College foyer, Jackie approaches Marie as Morgan watches.

Jackie: The Internet keeps going down.

Marie: I think it's up again now.

Panel 3: A young white man with brown hair comes up behind Morgan.

Morgan: Yeah, because the resnet dudes fixed it by stealing the server that hosts the alumni website.

Jackie: We have an alumni website?

Panel 4:
The man takes out a tiny laptop and opens it.

Man 1: I'd show you if wireless were working.

Marie: Oh, there's no signal there. Move ten feet to the right.

Panel 5: The man waves the laptop around as Morgan watches. A young brown man comes up behind Marie.

Jackie: Maybe I'll just go to the computer lab.

Man 2: Okay, except only one of the machines is functional, and Tom's writing his thesis on it.

Panel 6: The first man continues to wave the laptop around as he searches in vain for a signal. Barbara appears.

Morgan: The printer's down too.

Jackie: The printer's always down.

Man 2: Only for every third PDF.

Panel 7: Marie and Barbara walk away together.

Marie: It's like living in a place under a really boring curse.

Barbara: It would be far more exciting if we all turned into wombats.

Alt-Text: I think my entire life is under this very same really boring curse. Fancy that.

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