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Monday, June 29
, 2009

West of Bathurst 533

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Monday, June 29, 2009
Panel 1: Casey is in his bed at Davies College. He wakes up with a start.

Casey: July eighteenth.

Panel 2: Casey, uncharacteristically dressed in a T-shirt and stripey boxers, pounds on Marie's door.

Casey: Damn it. Oh, damn it...damn it!

Panel 3: A dishevelled Casey approaches Felicia and Darren.

Casey: Marie?

Darren: Uh...

Casey: I need to find her.

Darren: Don't you hate her?

Casey: I shall burn your hair off.

Darren: She left the college a while ago.

Panel 4: Casey runs off. Felicia and Darren stare after him.

Felicia: That boy has officially passed the weirdness-related point of no return.

Darren: You don't say.

Alt-Text: Yes, I realise that July 18 is a rather long way away. I needed a good run up. Casey is wearing stripey shorts! Hee hee!

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