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Monday, July 27, 2009

West of Bathurst 547

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Monday, July 27, 2009
Panel 1: In Casey's room, Casey continues to cry as a baffled Marie confronts him.

Marie: So you didn't want a relationship. Did you ever think of just saying, "I don't want a relationship"?

Casey: It wouldn't have worked.

Panel 2:

Marie: I am a rational human being, Casey.

Casey: I'm not.

Panel 3:

Casey: If we'd stayed friends, I would always have been tempted, and I don't deal well with temptation. I had to make sure my feelings were a moot point.

Panel 4:

Marie: Congratulations: they really, really are.

Casey: Yay me.

Alt-Text: If you are puzzled by Casey's strategy, think of it like this: he's like someone who stops himself from eating cookies by ensuring that all the cookies in the world HATE him.

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