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Saturday, October 3, 2009

West of Bathurst 581

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This comic is dedicated to the fourteen co-chairs of this year's Massey Winter Ball Committee.

Saturday, October 3, 2009
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, Wendy, smiling hugely, buzzes past Sara, who looks terrified, and Marie, who looks deeply cynical. Wendy is holding a fistful of papers, many of which have fallen from her hands and are blowing around Sara and Marie. On some of these papers are the words "WEST," "OF," "BATHURST," "BY," "KARI," and "MAAREN."

Panel 2: Marie and Sara are walking together down a corridor in Davies College. Wendy, several feet behind them, overhears their conversation.

Marie: I forget...did you run for anything in the elections?

Sara shakes her head.

Panel 3: Wendy comes right up behind them.

Marie: That's probably wi--

Wendy [shocked]: You didn't run at all?

Panel 4: Wendy grasps Sara by the shoulders.

Wendy: This is terrible! How will you participate? Your life will become a barren wasteland of social apathy!

Panel 5: Wendy puts an arm around Sara. Marie, in the background, crosses her arms.

Wendy: We need to create a new committee for you to be in charge of with thirteen other co-chairs who will disagree with everything you say. It's vital to your emotional well-being.

Panel 6: Wendy bustles away.

Wendy: Don't go anywhere. I shall draw up the relevant documents, then spend six days giving you deliberately confusing instructions.

Panel 7:

Marie: I forget...have I shown you all the best places in this building to hide?

Sara shakes her head.

Alt-Text: Unfortunately, there really are people who don't entirely understand that "participate in" is not synonymous with "obsess over."

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