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Saturday, December 26, 2009

West of Bathurst 623

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Why does turkey always make me so tired? I suppose the fact that there was a 21-month-old (who calls me "Aaa," which is apparently her way of saying "Aunt." She hasn't entirely mastered consonants yet) bouncing all over the house didn't help, though admittedly, I wasn't the one who had to chase her. At any rate...hurrah for Boxing Day. I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas had fun yesterday.

Saturday, December 26, 2009
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, three purple tentacles, one with a Christmas ornament hanging on it, advance towards Marie, who is using her laptop. One of the tentacles is labelled "WEST OF BATHURST" and another "by Kari Maaren."

Marie: ...Casey?

Casey [on the computer]: What? Wait...okay, I'm here.

Panel 2: Marie is in her apartment, talking to Casey on her laptop.

Marie: Are you having a good Chr--

Casey [on the computer]: What?

Panel 3:

Are you--

Casey [on the computer]: No, wait...don't do that! Don''re going to madden it. Stop!

Panel 4:

Marie: ...Casey...?

Casey [on the computer]: You remember what I told you about the tentacles, right?

Panel 5: Rahim comes up behind Marie.

Casey [on the computer]: Nico, you need to be over...not the whips! Are you mad? Try--okay, obviously, that's not working.

Panel 6:

Casey [on the computer]: Does anyone have the chains I left here yest--no! For the love of--use the laser! Use the laser!

Panel 7:

Rahim: Uh--

Marie: I don't even ask any more.

On the computer, we hear something go "crunch" and someone scream, "AAAIEEEE!"

Alt-Text: Skype is very convenient; you can use it while doing all sorts of other stuff.

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