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Monday, March 15, 2010

West of Bathurst 662

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In the interest of shameless self-promotion AND the equally shameless promotion of someone else:

My friend Helen Marshall and her friend Kevin Nunn are running an all-day writing workshop called Beat the Block on Sunday, March 28th. Though it is being held at Massey College, it is open to anyone who can make it to Toronto and spare the cash. Helen and Kevin will use a blend of improv and writing exercises to stimulate the creative process. I remember taking a much shorter but thematically similar workshop run by Helen a few years ago; it was quite fun, and I sometimes still think about some of the things she said, so obviously, something worked.

The workshop's price is technically $80, but there's an early-bird discount ($15) for anyone who signs up by today (March 15th), a student discount ($15) for, er, students, and a Masseyite discount ($10) for Masseyites. For a seven-hour workshop (10:00-5:00), this is a good price.

You can read more and/or register at this dedicated website. The "shameless self-promotion" thingy is because I've got six images--four original ones, plus two old WoB comics--up on the site. Check it out.

Monday, March 15, 2010
Panel 1: Barbara and Marie are sitting at a table in the Davies College Lower Library. Barbara is filling out job applications. Marie is slumped over, doing nothing.

Barbara [glances up at the ceiling, which makes sense when you realise the Lower Library is right under the common room]: Is the election meeting happening now?

Marie: I guess. I didn't notice.

Panel 2:

Barbara: Who's running for Don?

Marie: No idea.

Barbara: Who's running for DEF?

Marie: Beats me.

Panel 3: Casey comes up behind them.

Barbara: Aren't you supposed to be up there for the speeches?

Marie: ...Speeches?

Panel 4: Casey sits down on the table.

Barbara: She's acting more clueless than I usually do.

Casey [smirks]: I've heard this tends to happen as you approach your fifth year.

Alt-Text: First year: "Gosh, this place is new and exciting and bizarre and FUN!" Second year: "I understand how everything works, and I shall participate in every event." Third year: "I am the KING of this place." Fourth year: "No, no, NO...that's not how it works! You're ruining everything! It's not like it was in the old days!" Fifth year: "......The Hallowe'en party was yesterday? Why?"

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