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Saturday, March 20, 2010

West of Bathurst 665

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Yay...another comic for the marking page! Poor, poor Barbara.

Saturday, March 20, 2010
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, Marie and Barbara sit together at a table. Barbara holds up an exam to show Marie. We can see a giant version of part of the exam on the left side of the panel. The visible bits read: "and then ther was this quote / to say definately that he / it into the same [with "same" crossed out]." Underneath are the words "Dear Barbra (sp?)." The misspelled words "ther" and "definately" are circled in red. The first is labelled "West of Bathurst" and the second "by Kari Maaren." It's also worth noting that this student dots her "i"s with little circles.

Panel 2: Marie and Barbara are reading the note at the end of the exam together. The student's original spelling is preserved.

Note: im writting this note at the end of my in-class essay to say yes i no i didnt finish writting but their wasnt enough time.

Panel 3:

it isnt fair 2 excpect us 2 write a hole esay in 90 minuts i kno u say this is mor time then usual but its not.

Panel 4:

i studdied very hard for this class & u give me 58% in everything & dont give us time to write NEthing i will be complaning about u.

Panel 5:

Note: y ru so hard at marking. i clearly dont have time to finish this paper & u will give me bad marks again i always did well in hi-school i hope u get fird.

Panel 6:

Note: ur nothing just a speck in the vastness of the universe & it is not my fault if i fail this class no 1 can write a esay in so little TIM thank u miss! i hope ur happy!!!!

Panel 7:

Barbara: I guarantee that took her twenty-five minutes to write.

Marie: I don't understand how you stop yourself from spanking them.

Alt-Text: Those who think I am exaggerating the terrible spelling should note that I am actually toning it down. I have read essays by students who are clearly sounding out every word phonetically (feneticly) in their heads. "Writting" is a very common misspelling of "writing" amongst the undergrads of the world.

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