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Saturday, April 3, 2010

West of Bathurst 672

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I finally...finished...the comic. Please do not ask me why I have made such heavy weather of this one. I don't know! It took me about a million years to finish, and I have no idea why! It is no more complex than any other of my comics and considerably less complex than some. I think it may be the devil.

The Monday comic will be done when it's done, presumably on Monday but not necessarily on Monday morning. I do have high hopes that I will finish it tonight. I just don't want to lie about it by accident, you see.

In the meantime, check out the slightly updated "Character" page, which now has Sara on it, and this extra WoB comic (created for a friend who wanted to put it on a bookmark advertising her writing workshop).

Saturday, April 3, 2010
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, we see a sort of arty collage of Wendy and Wolfgang, with Wendy being all chaotic swirls and Wolfgang all rigid straight lines. The words "West of Bathurst" are on Wendy's side and are loose and swirly, while the words "by Kari Maaren" are on Wolfgang's side and are straight and blocky.

Panel 2: Wendy and Wolfgang are sitting on a couch in the Davies College common room, a laptop open before them. Wendy holds a sheaf of shocking-pink paper.

Wendy: I made lots and lots of posters. We can put them up all over town!

Wolfgang: They're pink.

Panel 3:

And we can stand on corners and hand them out next week for twelve hours a day.

Wolfgang: College regulations clearly state that all printed material should be in black and white.

Panel 4:

We should organise a concert to promote this college as a super place to stay in the summer!

Wolfgang: I'll print you out a guide to the logistics of our current responsibilities.

Panel 5:

Wendy: We can give away free teddy bears and miniature swords.

Wolfgang: It's eighty pages long, so please have it bound. I'll expect your comments by nine a.m. tomorrow.

Panel 6:

Wendy [ecstatically]: Everyone will want to come here because it'll be like a carnival!

Wolfgang: We need to spend the next seventy-two hours finalising the paperwork.

Panel 7: Marie and Rahim have been sitting in one of the wells in the common room, listening to the whole thing.

Rahim: The college hired them both as summer residence coordinators?

Marie: I think the end of the world is supposed to begin like this.


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