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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

West of Bathurst 677

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This comic is dedicated to Jessie, Kate, and Clara, of course.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Panel 1: Somewhere in Davies College, Master Ramsay goes whooshing back and forth past Marie and Casey. As usual, he is represented simply by a giant "whoosh." He is, this time, accompanied by three people represented by little "zips."

Ramsay: HellocolleagueshaveyounoticedtheconstructionIamveryconcernedaboutitsnegativeeffectsonthe-- [Translation for screen readers: Hello colleagues have you noticed the construction I am very concerned about its negative effects on the--]

Little Zip 1: Hi!

Little Zip 2: Drills!

Little Zip 3: Loudness!

Panel 2:

Ramsay: --collegecommunityherehaveapetitionIshallcirculateitandthenwritemanylettersandalso-- [Translation for screen readers:  --college community here have a petition I shall circulate it and then write many letters and also--]

Little Zip 1: Tired!

Little Zip 2: Angry!

Little Zip 3: Revolt!

Panel 3:

--articlessothatthesituationmayberesolvedandwecanonceagaingetsomesleepsobgoodbye-- [Translation for screen readers: --articles so that the situation may be resolved and we can once again get some sleep sob goodbye--]

Little Zip 1: Protest!

Little Zip 2: Bedtime!

Little Zip 3: Yay!

Panel 4:

...What were the little wee--

Casey: Daughters.

Marie: Ah.

Alt-Text: Just wait until the grandkids start appearing.

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