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Saturday, May 15, 2010

West of Bathurst 693

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Yes, I've gone and done it again: I've made a damn colour comic with damn complex backgrounds. (They may not look all that complex, but try colouring around rain and a bloody chain-link fence.) At any rate, I did finish eventually, in between bouts of marking. I shall be marking a lot this summer.

Saturday, May 15, 2010
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic is a calendar page for the month of May. Every day is labelled with a weather symbol for either snow or rain, with temperatures ranging from -1C to 10C. The words "West of Bathurst" are written to the left of the calendar, with an arrow pointing towards it. The words "by Kari Maaren" are written on the right side of the calendar, with an arrow pointing towards it.

Panel 2: On a very grey, very rainy day, Baldwin, Steve, and some other Davies Junior Fellows are playing ultimate frisbee on a muddy field. Everyone is covered with mud. Baldwin runs across the slippery grass.

Baldwin: Come on...throw it to me!

Panel 3: It's so dark and miserable that the players have been reduced to fuzzy silhouettes.

Baldwin: I'm over here!

Other Player: Where?

Baldwin: Here!

Panel 4: Baldwin jumps for the frisbee and misses.

Baldwin: Dude, too high.

Other Player: I can't see you.

Panel 5: Baldwin and a drenched young man wallow in a mud puddle, searching for the frisbee as Steve stares at the driving rain, which is now mixed with snow. Marie, walking by with an umbrella, glances at the game.

Young Man: Where'd it go?

Baldwin: I'm sure it's in this puddle.

Steve: ...Is that snow?

Panel 6: Marie gazes down at Baldwin and the young man. Nearby, a young female player hugs herself as the wind blows her hair back from her face.

Panel 7:

Baldwin [to Marie]: We have to play ultimate! It's May!

Marie: I see.

Alt-Text: The weather was actually doing this about a week ago. It was disconcerting. I mean, it's MAY.

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