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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

West of Bathurst 705

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Panel 1: After the convocation, everyone is congregating on the lawn. Marie gives Casey a hug while Rahim talks to Barbara.

Marie [to Casey]: Congratulations!

Rahim [to Barbara]: Hey...aren't your parents here?

Panel 2:

Barbara: No. My grandma broke her hip yesterday, so they're at the hospital now. But that reminds me.

Panel 3: Barbara calls her parents.

Barbara [into the phone]: Mom? Dad? It's over. I've got my Ph.D.

Panel 4: One of Barbara's parents lets out a shriek of joy and begins to sob.

Parent 2 [on the phone]:
Oh happy, blissful, unexpected day!

Barbara: It's possible they've been waiting for this for a while.

Alt-Text: Parents get very emotional when you finish your Ph.D. after nearly a decade of frustrated procrastination. I can't imagine why.

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