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Saturday, June 12, 2010

West of Bathurst 707

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So here's the thing: it's not just that I have a lot of marking to finish. It's that I have a lot of marking to finish by two days ago. That is why I'm so far behind. I do hope to catch up at some point this week. Look for three more comics to be published, as per usual, but possibly each a bit late (the first one will be late for sure, as normally, I would be uploading it now). I have about a hundred and thirty students, you see, and all their stuff is due simultaneously. *Sob*

Saturday, June 12, 2010
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, we see what looks like a diploma reading, in fancy lettering:


This is to signify that
Barbara Anne Mickel
has lived through the graduate programme from Hell and has been admitted
under the governing authority of the legions of Beelzebub to the degree of
Doctor of Philosophy

Panel 2: Barbara, Casey, Marie, and Rahim are gathered around a restaurant table on which are sitting some condiments and one empty pint glass.

Barbara: The thing about convocation is that it's this...psychological milestone.

Marie: How so?

Panel 3: Barbara picks up a salt shaker.

Barbara: Okay, look...think of this salt shaker as a grad student. And this table represents a decade.

Panel 4: Barbara puts the salt shaker on the table and somehow pulls a hammer out of her pocket.

Barbara: Now, I place this salt shaker on the table, and then I take out this hammer, which stands for grad school.

Panel 5: Barbara hits the salt shaker several times with the hammer.

Panel 6: Barbara places the mangled salt shaker on the upside-down pint glass.

Barbara: Now I put the remains of the salt shaker on an upended pint glass and say, "Congratulations! I shall stop hitting you with this hammer."

Panel 7: A waitress approaches, looking unhappy.

Barbara: Convocation is when the pain finally stops.

Waitress: You owe us for that salt shaker.

Barbara: Except for the student loans, of.course.

Alt-Text: And she hasn't even got to the bit with the flame-thrower and the drill bits yet.

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