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Saturday, July 24, 2010

West of Bathurst 728

Bonus Anniversary Comic:

West of Bathurst, anniversary 2010

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If my computer hadn't committed suicide and I had thus been able to post this comic on Saturday, I would have been telling you that today was West of Bathurst's fourth anniversary. Alas, my computer did commit suicide, and I must therefore instead tell you that last Saturday was West of Bathurst's fourth anniversary. Hurrah...?

Frankly, I cannot frickin' believe I've managed to keep it going as long as I have. It is possible that I am a little bit insane. At any rate, thanks for sticking with the comic and living in hope of the advent of the elusive WoB book (which is stalled at the moment because of marking, as the two comics above this message may attest).

The characters in the extra anniversary strip are, incidentally, me and my friend Jen. I think I confuse Jen quite often. It's fun.

Saturday, July 24, 2010
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, Barbara, wearing a jaded look, chucks a match at an essay whose title page reads, "Assignment 1: Due 3 Weeks Ago / P.S.: Could I have an extension?" Someone has written "West of Bathurst" and "by Kari Maaren" on the title page in red pen. There is also a little frowny face.

Panel 2: Barbara sits at a table, reading e-mails on her laptop.

E-mail 1: yo prof whats up whens teh due date for the 1st essay k thanx bye jon

Panel 3:

E-mail 2: Hi, Barbara. I was wondering if you could tell me when the marks will be up?--Susan.

E-mail 3: Hi, I need to send u my 2nd esay now so you can say what mark ill get when I hand it in. Cheers, Patrick.

Panel 4:

E-mail 5: Hi, Barbara. Did you get my last email? I was wondering about the marks.--Susan.

E-mail 6: Barbra thers a essay due!?! hOw cOme? Yrs, Fred.

Panel 5: Marie approaches. Barbara gestures towards her laptop.

E-mail 7: Dear miss, I can't access the assignment sheet for Essay 1, now I find out it was due last week! Noone said! Please advise. Paul.

Panel 6: Marie sits down next to Barbara and reads over her shoulder.

E-mail 8: Miss Mickel I need help AACK! What should I write? :) Jane

E-mail 9: Hi, Barbara. Why aren't you answering? I need to know about the marks!--Susan.

Panel 7:

Barbara: I haven't checked my e-mail for half an hour.

Marie: You terrible, terrible person.

Alt-Text: A great mystery of university teaching is as follows: students will panic if you don't answer their e-mails within an hour but become indignant if you have only posted the due dates in three separate places on the course website and e-mailed them a mere six reminders.

Bonus Anniversary Panel:

Kari stands talking to her friend Jennifer, a small woman with blonde hair who is wearing a green baseball cap. Kari is holding a huge stack of papers while she smiles desperately.

Kari: Too busy to make comics? Me?

Kari: ......Naaaah.

Alt-Text: I should be marking RIGHT NOW.

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