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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

West of Bathurst 740

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Wednesday on Monday night. Sorry for the delay of the delayed comic, but it was for a good cause: I have finally submitted all my marks. I now have a short break before classes begin again in the fall (*sob*), so I am going to catch up on the comic this week. I may actually manage to post last Friday's strip later tonight. Saturday's will take longer, but it's a start.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Panel 1: Marie and Barbara are talking in the Davies College quadrangle. Weird Beard approaches.

Marie: He's way too good at ducking out of these conversations. He--

Weird Beard: Excuse me.

Panel 2: Weird Beard hands Marie an action figure.

Weird Beard: I'm moving out tomorrow, so I just wanted to say goodbye and leave you this tiny replica of the Eleventh Doctor as a token of our shared Whomania.

Panel 3: He walks away as Marie gazes at the action figure.

Weird Beard: He's just like mine, except that he has a little fez. I hope you like him. See you next year.

Panel 4:

Marie: It's sad that I currently long to hug Weird Beard and punch Casey right in the nose.

Barbara: Wow...fezzes are cool.

Alt-Text: I think Weird Beard is cooler than fezzes.

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