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Friday, September 10, 2010

West of Bathurst 752

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This comic is dedicated to my friend Alix, not because it has anything to do with her but because I seem to have named a character after her. The fictional Alix and the real Alix do not look alike or have anything in common at all. I suppose I was just wondering what had happened to Alix, whom I have not seen for something like thirteen years, and somehow, a character happened. If Alix happens to see this, which she probably won't, this is me saying, "Hi, Alix."

Friday, September 10, 2010
Panel 1: In the Davies College quadrangle, Marie is crying as Rahim stands next to her, an arm around her. A new Junior Fellow, whose name we are about to learn is Alix, is nearby.

Rahim: I'm Rahim.

Alix: Alix.

Rahim: I'd like to help you out, but as you can see, my friend is having a crisis. What you need is a DEF co-chair.

Panel 2: A young man and woman appear.

Man 1: I'm a DEF co-chair.

Woman 1: So am I.

Rahim: Well, there you--

Panel 3: Four more people materialise.

Woman 2: So am I!

Man 2: And I!

Woman 3: I'm a co-chair.

Man 3: Me too.

Panel 4: One more man turns up, waving frantically. Everyone crowds around, rather freaking Marie out.

Rahim [to Alix]: Welcome to Davies and its devastating plague of co-chair inflation.

Man 4: And me...and me!

Alt-Text: This can be a real problem at Massey. I remember the year the non-resident committee had eleven (count 'em) co-chairs. I believe there were either five or six LMF co-chairs last year. This year, they're down to four. Nobody seems to remember that the LMF gets an actual committee as well.

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