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Saturday, October 16, 2010

West of Bathurst 770

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1) Mark Reads Harry Potter exists and can be found here. If you would rather witness Mark descending into gibbering rage and attempting to devour his own eyeballs, try Mark Reads Twilight.

2) The Phorum (the discussion board associated with the comic Piled Higher and Deeper) has been temporarily taken offline due to a terrible onslaught of spam. This sort of thing has happened before, and I have an odd little tradition of inviting the suddenly homeless Phorumites to hang out in the WoB comments section until everything returns to normal. I give away imaginary chocolate-chip cookies to everyone who shows up, too.

Saturday, October 16, 2010
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, Harry Potter casts a spell. Behind him, a bearded man sits on a chair, cheering Harry on. Behind the bearded man, Marie sits on a chair, eating popcorn. Behind Marie, Rahim stands, his arms crossed.

Panel 2: Rahim and Marie sit at a table, looking at Marie's laptop.

Rahim: What's Mark Reads Harry Potter?

Marie: A blog I follow.

Panel 3:

Basically, this guy is working his way through the Harry Potter books. He started off sceptical but eventually turned into the world's biggest fanboy.

Panel 4:

Marie: He goes into these fits of sublime anguinsh whenever there's a plot twist, then declares his love for various characters and tries to wish himself into the story.

Panel 5: Marie gazes at the computer. Rahim narrows his eyes at Marie.

Panel 6:

Rahim: You're reading about someone reading about something you're already read about yourself.

That's right.

Panel 7: Rahim gets up and walks away.

Rahim: I think I need to run away from the meta.

Marie: Ooh...he's mashing the keyboard incoherently again!

Alt-Text: And now you are reading about Marie reading about Mark reading about Harry Potter, so the meta is getting just a little bit worrying.

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