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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

West of Bathurst 789

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This comic is dedicated to everyone who has ever returned to the College solely to play bluff, and especially to the people who played together this Saturday, Swedish cards and all.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
Panel 1: In the Davies College common room, Barbara and Marie stand in one of the wells, looking down at a group of a alumni. All of them are real people, and even eleven years later, I can identify all but one of them (that one appearing in the comic only as a man with blond hair who is facing away from the "camera"). The identifiable ones are Paul, Mike, Brenda, Andrew, Kevin, and Kari. They are playing cards.

Barbara: These guys are old-time alumni who have gatherings a few times a year.

Brenda: One King.

Mike: Pass.

Paul: Two Kings.

Panel 2:

Barbara: They meet here for drinks and a few rounds of Bluff. It's all very civilised.

Mike: Bluff.

Paul: Nope. Take 'em.

Panel 3: Mike and Paul rise from their seats and scream into each other's faces.

Mike: You scoundrel! That's a Jack, not a King! You, sir, are a cheating cheater!

Paul: We're playing with Swedish cards! They all look the same!

Panel 4: Mike and Paul sit down.

Marie: I assume you mean "civilised" in an "Alexander the Great razing Thebes to the ground" sort of way.

Barbara: How else would I mean it?

Mike [with some major side-eye for Paul]: Rubbish.

Alt-Text: There is a very slight possibility that some of us were playing bluff with Swedish cards on the weekend, and one particular person simply could not tell the difference between the Kings ("K") and the Jacks...or, rather, the Knaves ("Kn").

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