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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

West of Bathurst 821

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Okay...this is all rather odd.

Back in the summer of 2010, I had a few Doctor Who-centric comics, culminating in one in which Weird Beard gave Marie an action figure of the eleventh Doctor, complete with tiny fez. I left the whole Who theme alone until Christmas, when Marie watched the special; however, the action figure did not come up again until Saturday, January 22nd, when Marie had an angsty little conversation with her teeny Doctor.

This Tuesday, January 25th, there was a knock on my door. When I answered it, a postal worker handed me a package that turned out to contain--you guessed it--an action figure of the eleventh Doctor, complete with tiny fez (and mop and sonic screwdriver, incidentally). This package had been mailed from the UK on January 13th, long before I had even thought up that comic. There was no return address, but I was 99% sure I knew who had sent it, and as it turned out, I was right. Thank you, Nur Hussein; you are fantastic.

Clearly, psychic powers are at work here. Things are probably going to start bursting spontaneously into flame any minute now.

I am so pleased with my miniature Doctor that I must share him with you all. Here he is sitting in front of last Saturday's comic:

Action figure of eleventh doctor wearing a fez and holding a mop. He is sitting in front of a computer screen with a West of Bathurst comic on it.

Here he is chilling with the Ringwraith who also appears in that comic (yes, I do own a Ringwraith action figure, itself a gift from a friend who claimed it reminded her of me):

The Doctor action figure sits next to a Ringwraith action figure.

Here is what the top of my television looks like now. Yes, I know I need to dust. That's not the point. The point is that I currently have the coolest television top in the known universe:

On top of an old-fashioned tube television are a Doctor action figure, a Ringwraith action figure, a Mike Wazowski action figure, and a red wind-up robot, along with some bunny ears.

For the record, I found Mike Wazowski beside therecycling bins in my apartment complex (someone was throwing him away!), and I won the wind-up robot at Massey in a game of Bingo. These things become astronomically more awesome when you acquire them by accident.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Panel 1: Marie and Barbara walk through the Davies College basement.

Marie: Are you really going to Winter Ball in pyjamas?

Barbara: Yep.

Panel 2:

Barbara: I am rebelling against societal dictates regarding acceptable female appearance in formal social situations.

Panel 3: They walk along in silence.

Panel 4:

Barbara: Also, I haven't been able to afford new clothes since 1998.

Marie: That makes sense too.

Alt-Text: Luckily, she hates shopping. Win-win, you see.

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