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Monday, July 11, 2011

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Re. the Write-a-Thon: according to the Clarion blog, your efforts this week have propelled me from "not in the top ten fundraisers" to fourth place. In real terms, this means very little. The person who raises the most money gets an iPad, but I believe I am trailing the frontrunner by at least a thousand dollars. Besides, Apple is the devil. So is Microsoft, of course. Computers are just generally the devil. They know I am their enemy, and they will someday bring about my downfall.

At any rate, I feel no real competitive spirit. I just think it's cool that we have raised $396.27 USD (at the moment, that's $383.72 CAD) in two weeks. Wouldn't it be even cooler if we hit $400, and I found myself bound to produce seven extra comics on top of the seven extra comics I shall already be producing? Wouldn't that just be freaking awesome? *Sob*

In two weeks, West of Bathurst will turn five. Consider celebrating this fact by donating $5 (or more, but $5 is a properly symbolic number) to the nice Clarion people. They will appreciate it, and you will get more comics. Everybody wins! Except me! I don't count!

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