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Sunday, October 9, 2011

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Just a random observation: there was a bit of discussion in the summer about whether Casey fit the Xanatos Gambit trope or the Batman Gambit trope. I tend to lean towards the latter, as the success of any of Casey's insane schemes (if they are, in fact, schemes) is predicated on the behaviour of the people involved. However, in a way, he seems to be hacking out his own trope here, though so bizarrely that it probably doesn't count as a trope at all. What do you get, after all, when you have someone who can apparently pull off a Batman Gambit even when the people being manipulated/persuaded into action are perfectly aware that the manipulation is occurring? That seems risky even for Batman, but as far as we know, Casey just managed it. He's even avoided being punched in the face by Marie. Victim of circumstances or evil genius? Only time will, assumedly, tell.

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