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Monday, October 17, 2011

West of Bathurst 967

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As a very slight consolation for our return to a slower schedule (not that the faster one was any less maddening in terms of the solving of any actual plot mysteries), I offer you two mini-collections, both available via the Miscellaneous page. The first is a supplement to the Doctor Who page; it collects many of the other geeky references in WoB. The second has been inspired by the new banner. I have collected the six Hallowe'en banners on a single page and written a little blurb about each. I'll eventually do the same thing with the Christmas and Valentine's Day banners.

Monday, October 17, 2011
2011 Hallowe'en Header: The Doctor Who header. Casey is the Doctor, Marie is River Song, Barbara is Amy Pond, and Rahim is Rory Williams. Casey is pointing his sonic screwdriver at a lightbulb. On the other side of the banner, a Weeping Angel is also pointing at the lightbulb. In text that mimics that of the 2011 Doctor Who title are the words "West of Bathurst" (with "BKM" below in place of "BBC").

Panel 1:
Rahim, Marie, and Casey are in Marie's apartment. Casey is dressed as the Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who, while Marie and Rahim are River Song from the same show. Rahim bears some resemblance to the character Rory Williams, but it's a coincidence; he's simply dressed in his scrubs for work.. Marie is adjusting Casey's bowtie.

Rahim: I don't think he's ready for this.

Marie: He's spent a month recovering.

Panel 2: Rahim pulls Casey's sleeve back.

Rahim: Oh, really? What's this?

Casey: ...My arm?

Panel 3:

Yes. Yes, it is your arm. It's just too bad there's no actual flesh on it. Have you been eating anything at all this month, or have you been subsisting on air molecules?

Panel 4:
Casey gets that "Well, actually" look on his face. Rahim, recognising it, begins to walk away.

Casey: Uh--

Rahim: Please don't answer my rhetorical questions. I'm always afraid of what you're going to say.

Alt-Text: In fact, Casey has probably revealed more information via his "Uh"s than he has via actual concrete answers to straightforward questions.

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