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Monday, October 24, 2011

West of Bathurst 970

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Check out my entry to the All Hallow's Read poster contest. I've also put the poster on this page (which also explains what the contest is all about) and made it accessible via the Miscellaneous page.

Monday, October 24, 2011
Panel 1: At the Davies College Hallowe'en party, everyone crowds around as Frankie waves her flaming beer in Casey's face.

Frankie: Did you just set my beer on fire? Did you? Did you?

Casey: I...I...

Panel 2: People in the crowd begin to speak as Casey stands paralysed right at the centre of attention. Marie is beside him, but she can do nothing to stop this.

Voice 1:
Who's that?

Voice 2: I think his name is Casey.

Voice 3: Is this a scandal?

Voice 4: What's with the fire?

Voice 5: What's with the beer?

Panel 3:
Casey seems to be having trouble breathing.

Voice 6: Somebody take pictures!

Voice 7: I love Hallowe'en here.

Voice 8: I knew he would come back!

Voice 9: Casey, where were you?

Voice 10: This is exciting.

Panel 4: Casey wraps his arms around Marie and huddles close to her, hiding his face.

Marie [to Frankie, angrily]:You can ditch the flaming beer; it's done its job thoroughly.

Frankie: So it seems.

Alt-Text: Massey/Davies gossip can be a powerful force when it is being directed into your face in a concentrated stream.

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