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Saturday, October 29, 2011

West if Bathurst 973

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Sorry for the tardiness. I had to work on this comic between bouts of marking; effectively, working on the comic constituted my "breaks." I don't get real "breaks." Those are for people with steady incomes and T.A.s.

Saturday, October 29, 2011
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, Barbara, who is dressed as Amy Pond in a red shirt, leather jacket, and mini-skirt, is glancing towards a man and woman dressed as Adam and Eve (complete with fig leaves and snake) and a man in a long black robe. The words "West of Bathurst by Kari Maaren" separate Barbara from the others. The letters of the title are made of little ghosts.

Panel 2: At the Davies College Hallowe'en party, against a decorated backdrop with ghosts and a giant "BOO" on it, Barbara approaches the three people, whom we shall call "Adam," "Eve," and "Pinch-Me."

Barbara: Hi. I'm looking for some people...Marie and Casey. They're dressed like characters from Doctor Wh--

Adam: Casey?

Panel 3:

Eve: Oh my God, that guy is a spaz.

Adam: He's here. I think they had to take him to Sara's room.

Panel 4: Barbara is seething by this point.

Eve: Yeah, he was totally freaking. He set some chick's beer on fire with his mind, then fell down and started twitching.

Adam: Clearly disturbed.

Panel 5:

Eve: I couldn't believe him, you know? Ruining Hallowe'en like that.

Adam: I don't know why he was even here.

Pinch-Me: It was funny, though, right? When he was all frothing at the...uh...

Panel 6: Barbara flings herself angrily upon the three young people.

Panel 7:  In Sarah's room, a dishevelled Barbara stands next to Sara's bed. Casey still has his face buried in his knees; Marie, sitting next to him, has placed a hand on his back.

All right, Lucifer, I've defended your honour. Now tell me why you made me wear this mini-skirt.

Casey: Pure diabolical genius?

Alt-Text: In rather different ways, both Sara and Barbara are quite heroic.

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