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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

West of Bathurst 989

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Panel 1: Casey and Marie are sitting on Marie's futon.

Casey: I can't go to Davies. Not yet.

Marie: Okay...dinner in a restaurant with Rahim and Barbara.

Panel 2:

Casey: I don't have any money.

Marie: What kind of stupid excuse is that? Have I even charged you room and board?

Panel 3:

Casey: I've been keeping a very precise tally in my head. I know you're financially secure, but that doesn't mean I don't plan to pay you back.

Panel 4:

Marie: If we don't leave the apartment at some point in the next few hours, I'm probably going to kill you.

Casey: I'll add a burger and fries to the list.

Alt-Text: There are people I've wanted to kill after sharing quite a large house with them for two days. Spending months in a one-bedroom apartment with a maddening shut-in who won't answer questions is kind of unimaginable to me.

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