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Monday, December 12, 2011

West of Bathurst 995

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Saturday's colour comic can now be found on the Doctor Who page. The Christmas banner will eventually join it there. Just a note: I never actually meant to do two DW-themed banners in a row. However, I was having problems coming up with an idea for this year's banner until I started working on Saturday's comic, wherein I had Casey mention incorporating the Eleventh Doctor into a Christmas display. So this banner is that display (with the addition of a few random Christmas decorations and Barbara's Ringwraith).

Incidentally, the Comment button now links directly to the relevant thread. If I forget to change the link two weeks from now, please remind me.

Monday, December 12, 2011
Christmas header: We see Marie's mantelpiece, which features two candles, two Christmas cards, two reindeer, a snowman, a little Eleventh Doctor, a festive Dalek, a Ringwraith, and a Santa Claus.

Panel 1:
Marie and Casey are kneeling on the floor of Marie's bathroom. Marie is sweeping up with a little broom; Casey is holding a bottle of cleaning spray. As Marie speaks, someone knocks on the door.

Marie: --And so Rahim's going to bring dessert, and--is that someone at the door?

Panel 2: Casey whips a pair of handcuffs out of his pocket and handcuffs Marie to a cabinet handle.

Casey: Yes.

Panel 3:

Casey: Be very, very quiet.

Panel 4: Casey is gone. Evil Marie appears behind Marie.

Evil Marie: Hurrah! Casey's doing inexplicable things again!

Marie: "Hurrah"?

Alt-Text: Clearly, Casey has access to the same sub-space Barbara keeps in her pockets.

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