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Saturday, March 17, 2012

West of Bathurst 1050

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Dear everyone offended by the blatant Irish stereotyping: I'm half-Irish. Also, Casey is Irish, and he doesn't drink at all. Of course, he may be Satan. Moving right along...

Saturday, March 17, 2012
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, Marie watches as Casey runs away from a giant shamrock labelled "West of Bathurst by Kari Maaren."

Panel 2: Casey and Marie are sitting on Marie's futon. A phone jammed into a cavity that really shouldn't exist in a futon, but ah well, artistic licence, I guess...anyway, a phone that had slipped in behind the futon's nonexistent cushions rings.

Casey: What's that?

Marie [digs out the phone]: Uh...your phone? The one your left at Timmy's in 2010?

Panel 3:
She hands him the phone.

I don't remember having a phone.

Marie: It has a miraculously absurd battery life. Just answer it.

Panel 4:

Casey: Hello?

Voice 1 [on phone, loudly]: Casey, you Irish bastard! You know what day it is; why aren't you drinking with us?

Panel 5:

Casey [to Marie]:
Do I drink?

Marie: Nope.

Voice 1: Come down the pub and have a pint, man!

Voice 2: Is he sober? Why is he?

Panel 6:

Voice 1: Mind the tentacles!

Voice 2: Go dtachta an diabhal thú! [May the devil choke you!]

Voice 3: Stop letting it get into the beer, you fecking--yaaaargh!

Panel 7: People are still swearing on the other end of the line.

Casey: I think I need to kill my phone now.

Marie: Just to be sure, you should probably use a hammer.

Alt-Text: Tentacles and beer: not a good combination. Don't let it happen to you.

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