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Friday, July 27, 2012

West of Bathurst 1116

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Donna Vakalis will, indeed, be using a laser gun in the Olympics. Check out the Indiegogo campaign started by the creators of the podcast Jordan, Jesse, Go! (Donna was also interviewed on the show). And here's the first bit of a three-part interview (the first part was released on Thursday, July 26th). There we go: lots and lots of fun links for you.

The WoB Anniversary Trivia Contest has ended. It had exactly three entries. Three whole people noted that Evil Marie first received her name on Friday, November 9th, 2007. Now, I was going to hold a draw and award two prizes, but I feel bad about leaving one person out of three out. Therefore, cs24, Andrew House, and nobilis should all contact me with their addresses and their prize preferences. Congratulations, everyone!


I'm up to42,550 words written for the Write-a-Thon, meaning that I've exceeded my goal (30,000). If you click on my word count, it will take you to a page that will ask you for money. It will also tell you my word count again. Yes, I am continuing to write (why not?).

Friday, July 27, 2012
Panel 1: Rahim and Marie are on Marie's futon. Marie has a laptop on her lap.

Rahim: Did I just read that modern pentathletes use laser guns?

Marie: Yeah...they changed the rules in--

Panel 2: Barbara and Casey come running up out of nowhere.

Barbara: Lasers?

Casey: Real lasers?

Barbara: Lasers in gun form?

Panel 3:

Barbara: Dana owns a laser gun?

Casey: What about the swords?

Barbara: Does Dana own a lightsaber?

Panel 4:

Rahim [to Marie]: You deal with this.

Marie [to Rahim]: No, you.

Casey: This is going to be the geekiest Olympics ever.

Alt-Text: You've got to admit that there's a certain geekitude about the idea of taking a FRICKIN' LASER GUN to the Olympics.

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