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Saturday, August 18, 2012

West of Bathurst 1127

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Saturday, August 18, 2012
Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, Barbara is marking papers while Marie watches. On a giant paper looming over the left side of the panel, we see the typed words "Insert Tittle Here" (yes, that's "Tittle," not "Title"), accompanied by words in red pen: "West of Bathurst" plus a frowny face, and "by Kari Maaren."

Barbara: Comma splice.

Panel 2: Barbara is scribbling on an essay.

Barbara: Semi-colon fault. Generalisation.

Panel 3:

Barbara: Missing apostrophe. Comma splice. Dangling modifier. Subject-verb agreement error.

Panel 4:

Barbara: Comma splice. Comma splice. Run-on sentence. Spelling error. Floating quotation. Misused dash. Comma splice.

Panel 5:

Barbara: Pronoun-antecedent agreement error. Missing apostrophe. Tense shift. Sentence fragment. Circular reasoning. Split thesis. Semi-colon fault.

Panel 6:

Barbara: Preposition error. Confusion of "its" and "it's." Repetition. Faulty parallelism. Faulty idiom. Misplaced modifier. Comma splice. Comma splice. Comma splice. Comma splice.

Panel 7:

Barbara: Aaaand on to paragraph two.

Marie [leaps up from her chair]: Goodbye.

Alt-Text: A couple of days ago, I counted the number of errors in a single sentence of a paper I was marking. There were eight. *Sob*

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