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Saturday, December 8, 2012

West of Bathurst 1183

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  • The Debs & Errol crossover continues today, with this comic being the seventh and last in the series. Coincidentally, Debs & Errol posted its 500th comic (or, rather, a series of guest comics celebration its 500th comic) today.

    If you're wondering about the bouncy Dalek, go here and here.

    Saturday, December 8, 2012
    Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, we see Errol running frantically through the park as Manda stares at him and Debs massages her forehead. The title, "West of Bathurst," is done in the same font as the title of the webcomic Debs and Errol. The word "West" is green and covered with flowers, while "Bathurst" is blue, and there's a big toothy grin inside the "a."

    Panel 2: Marie, Barbara, and Casey are walking through the park. Errol runs up behind them.

    Marie: Your friends seem inter--

    Errol: Help! We're going the wrong way! I keep telling them there's something interesting going on over here, possibly to do with squirrels!

    Panel 3: Debs buzzes angrily past.

    Debs: Nice to see you again so soon. Errol, I'm going to kill you!

    Panel 4: Manda approaches Marie, Barbara, and Casey as Casey stares after Debs and Errol.

    Manda: It's like having custody of a big sproingy ball of attention deficit disorder.

    Panel 5: Errol pops over to Casey, then zooms off to another spot.

    Errol: No, I was wrong. It's over here instead. Or maybe over here.

    Debs and Manda [yell]: ERROL!

    Panel 6: Errol hits everybody on the head with a knitted Dalek.


    Panel 7: Barbara rubs her head. Everyone but Errol is standing bemusedly in a row.

    Casey: What just happened?

    Debs: My brain exploded. It does that a lot.

    Marie: I wonder where he got that bouncy Dalek...

    Alt-Text: As usual, Marie's _Doctor Who_ fandom overrides her wariness of randomness.

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