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Saturday, March 16, 2013

West of Bathurst 1239
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    This is a rather odd one. Last summer, I created an online course on fairy tales. The Distance Ed people encourage course authors to add at least one piece of video content if they can; the video is produced by members of the university's film department. I suggested a little film documenting a live storytelling session. The D.E. people and I recruited a small audience (consisting of one of my friends, two of my students, and a bunch of people from D.E., including the husband and two teenage sons of one of the staff), and I told a story called "The Well of the World's End." Because of the whole "magic of film" thing, I had to tell it three times, meaning that the audience had to sit through it three times. I then had to sing the little songs that went along with the story three or four times each. In the end, however, we got a coherent film out of it. That film has now been nominated for an award from the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education. As part of the process of applying for the award, D.E. has put the video online. If you're interested, you may view it here. I'm afraid there are no captions, making it much less useful for the hard of hearing, but there's a little blurb beneath the video that explains what it's all about.

    Saturday, March 16, 2013
    Panel 1: In the title panel of this Sunday-style colour comic, Nico listens to his phone while Casey's phone, which is in his pocket, rings. The two phones are connected by the words "West of Bathurst by Kari Maaren," which represent the ringing of the phone.

    Panel 2: Casey is talking on his phone in a park.

    Casey: Hello?

    Nico [on phone]: Casey, you have to stop this.

    Panel 3:

    Casey [looks up]: Is that an eagle? Huh...

    Nico: It's only going to get worse, you know.

    Panel 4:

    Casey: There's something unusual about it. I'm not quite sure...

    Nico: Use your common sense. I know you find that difficult.

    Panel 5:

    Nico: But it's blindingly obvious that this is going to end b--

    Casey: Oh, yes, that's what it is:

    Panel 6:

    Casey [loudly, while glaring at phone]: It's SHINY.

    Panel 7: Evil Marie stands behind Casey:

    Evil Marie: You're better at denial than anyone I've ever seen.

    Casey: Is that a Cardinal? Huh...

    Alt-Text: It's apparently a really good day for birdwatching.

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