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Friday, March 22, 2013

West of Bathurst 1242
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  • The links are back. Did you miss them? Don't answer that.

    1) UK readers can now look at my novel's first 5,000 words, as Amazon has been bullied into providing access to the ABNA excerpts via If you're interested, please go here. As well, here is my excerpt on Again, I urge you not to review it, as that way madness lies, but if you want to see it...ta-da.

    2) I'll be taking part in a little concert on the evening of Saturday, March 23rd at the Merril Collection of Science Fiction. Sparse details are here. More generous details are as follows: the concert will showcase music inspired by science fiction and fantasy. Performers will include both those who identify themselves as part of the "filk" community and those who would describe themselves otherwise but tend to cover filk-related subject matter. There will thus be a mixture of performance styles. Some of the participants are professional musicians; others are prolific amateurs. The performers I know about so far are as follows: Heather Dale, Leslie Hudson, Debs and Errol, Peggi Warner-Lalonde, Tom and Sue Jeffers (the Stone Dragons), Judith Hayman, Howard Scrimgeour, Phil Mills, and Jane Garthson. And, well, me. (Some of those links are more useful than others, but I did manage to find one for everybody.)

    Please feel free to come by and listen.

    Friday, March 22, 2013
    Panel 1: Barbara and Rahim are investigating in Marie's apartment. Barbara is dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

    Rahim: So we've got one mysterious woven square that could be off a quilt somewhere. Otherwise...nothing.

    Panel 2:

    I mean...nothing at all. Marie says Casey gets paycheques. Where are they? Where are his papers? His clothes?

    Panel 3:

    Rahim: Looking around this place, I would say it had one occupant. Casey may as well not even exist. What on earth is going on?

    Panel 4:

    Barbara: This is the bit where I nod mysteriously, subtly insult you, and hop you don't notice how desperately I'm stalling for time.

    Rahim: Elementary.

    Alt-Text: Perhaps he's been dead all along. Hey, you never know.

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