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Saturday, June 22, 2013

This is, of course, based on real life. I am technically a medium, but buying a shirt without trying it on first is always an adventure. I have a medium that is the same size as a small I also own, a medium that is SMALLER than that small, and a medium that is larger than some of my larges. You can never tell. This goes for both men's and women's T-shirts. My smallest medium is a unisex shirt that is nonetheless form-fitting on me, simply because it's so very tiny.

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As many of you have no doubt noticed, I'm a teeny bit behind.  Alas, this is inevitable because of a looming marking deadline in combination with the fact that, well, I have not finished my marking.  I work on the comic during my breaks, but the colour comics always take a very long time to complete.  At any rate, I'll get the "Monday" comic up when I can.

Two other news items:

1)  Seven years into the comic, I have started a West of Bathurst Facebook page.  Feel free to like it (or dislike it, if you prefer) here.  I made a little Facebook badge to put on this site (see below); you can click there to go to the page.

2)  Today is the first day of the Clarion Write-a-Thon.  I have decided not to participate this year, partly because I still haven't sent out last year's prizes (I promise I'm going to do that; I always remember them when I'm at my busiest) and partly because I'm toying with the idea of running a crowdfunding campaign for the mammoth WoB print collection at some point.  I don't know if I will, and I don't know if it will work if I do, but we shall see.  For the moment, then, I'm going to refrain from asking you guys to throw money at stuff.  If you think Clarion is cool, feel free to go sponsor someone else.

In lieu of Clarion, and in anticipation of the possible crowdfunding campaign, I'll be running a series of small contests throughout the summer.  These contests will not, again, involve you throwing money at anything.  They will be different every week, and the prizes will be points (it is, luckily, not possible for me to promise you points and then keep forgetting to send them to you).  The participant with the most points by the end of the summer will win a signed copy of the WoB collection, which I swear will someday exist (it may take a while for it to exist, but exist it will).  Participants will, as with the little Clarion draws, be welcome to use real names or aliases.

The first mini-contest will be posted whenever I get Monday's comic up.  Stay tuned...

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